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Waterfall Security Solutions is a global leader in industrial cybersecurity that has been protecting critical industrial networks since 2007. Waterfall's patented unidirectional products provide secure integration and protection against unauthorised access by OT/IT, remote monitoring and diagnostics, and cloud connectivity.

As a leading developer in industrial management system security, Waterfall contributes to national and international standards, provides recommendations based on best practices, and offers educational programmes on management system security. Waterfall Security products are widely recognised for making it easier to comply with safety regulations, standards, and best practices.




Physical protection against attacks that come from external networks



Corporate network users get access to the necessary analytical data in real time from replicated industrial servers



Allows managing access without creating vulnerabilities, like when firewalls are used


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    Unidirectional Gateway WF-600

    Waterfall's flagship WF-600 is the latest in unidirectional security gateways that provide robust protection for OT/ICS.
    The WF-600 is managed through a simple yet powerful web GUI and supported by a complete collector library that includes all industrial control systems, SCADA and any data products available on the market.

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    Unidirectional Gateway WF-500

    Waterfall’s unidirectional gateway ensures secure integration with IT/OT, safe remote access and monitoring of an industrial network in real time. Gateways substitute one layer of firewalls in an industrial network environment, providing an industrial system total protection against targeted attacks, safe enterprise-wide visibility and secure remote access.

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    Waterfall for IDS

    Unidirectional solutions for Intrusion Detection Systems. This is a hardware barrier that prevents compromise or violation of industrial operations caused by remote attacks, malware, DOS attacks, ransomware, and human errors that arise in external networks.

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    Waterfall FLIP

    A reversible unidirectional technology and remote access. This is a type of unidirectional gateway, in which the orientation can be reversed. It allows for disciplined scheduled updates without the vulnerabilities that firewalls always cause.

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    Remote Screen View

    Safe remote view in unidirectionally secured networks. The physical protection built into the basic Unidirectional Gateway hardware ensures that a software compromise can’t weaken industrial network security.

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    Secure Bypass

    Scheduled and emergency two-way access. Ensures physical protection for emergency and other remote support mechanisms and provides an industrial facility with physical control over the turned-on frequencies and duration of remote access.

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    Waterfall BlackBox

    Secure log storage. Provides tamper-proof access to online repositories that can withstand cyberattacks and prevents criminals from covering their tracks.

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    WF-500 DIN Rail

    The Waterfall WF-500 DIN rail is a unidirectional security gateway in a compact enclosure that allows facilities with limited space to benefit from the unattainable physical protection against cyberattacks on Waterfall industrial networks.

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    Unidirectional CloudConnect

    Security of cloud-supported devices. A unidirectional cloud gateways ensures the efficiency of cloud technologies while preventing remote attacks from getting inside an industrial network.


Waterfall – a secure unidirectional gateway

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